Vintage Pendant Lamp

I previously showed off a vintage Sunbeam AT-A toaster from the mid to late 1960′s that my wife and I found in a forgotten storage building of her parents that had not been opened for nearly 30 years.  We also found this great three pendant hanging lamp.

mid century modern light

My wife grew up in an awesome atomic ranch home built in the late 1950′s.  I don’t think her parents ever had a real appreciation for the style – it was simply the right size for the right price in the right neighborhood when they bought it.  Over the years, they changed nearly all of the original finishes and fixtures.  This unique ceramic pendant lamp came out of the breakfast nook.  The blue globe had been broken in storage, but I was able to find all of the pieces and glue them back in.  After some paint, polishing and new wire to replace the yellowed original wiring, it looks nearly as good as new.  We have now given it a new home hanging in a sitting area adjacent to our kitchen.

modern pendant lampModern pendant light

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