Mountain Diva by Jordi Milà

I came across these great pieces by designer Jordi Milà.  They seem very mid-century modern inspired.  The high / low levels of the table give the feel of the classic MCM end tables and nightstands.  The bench, which is available as either a two or a four seat version, reminds me of a morphed Eames shell chair on an eiffel base.modern furniture MCM

Jordi Milà has been working in the world of design for more than 15 years, and he has collaborated in many projects around the globe through his company EDDADESIGN. The collection we present here is the result of his will to design something with full creative freedom, something truly personal and not conditioned by the needs of others. This is why the brand carries his own name, and he hopes that the thrill and excitement of designing these pieces will reflect on the final results and, hopefully, make them thrilling and exciting for you too.

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